Houston Car Service

Need a luxurious ride to the airport? Galveston Limousine provides private car services for Houston, TX residents. No matter if you're heading to IAH or Hobby airports, going on a cross-town commute, or attending a special occasion, we have the perfect vehicle for you.

Our fleet includes:

Sedan: 3 Passengers

SUV: 5 Passengers


Stretch Limo

Van: 10 Passengers


Sprinter Van: 14 Passengers

Limo Bus: 18-20 Passengers


Minibus: 20-24 Passengers

MiniBus: 27 Passenger


 Mini Coach 34 Passenger

Motor Coach: 56 Passengers


Ultimate Guide To Booking A Houston Car Service

Finding the perfect Houston car service doesn’t have to be stressful! With this ultimate guide to booking a Houston car service, you will be on your way to your destination in style with no sweat!

Plan Accordingly

Before you contact a private car service in Houston, you need to be fully aware of how many passengers you will have in the vehicle, how many hours/days you will be in the service, and the length of travel. This will ensure you receive the correct quote for how much it will cost and allow the car service company to help you pick the proper vehicle. You may need something more significant than a limo for birthdays, proms, and other considerable group events! But, for business trips, date nights, and game day travel, a luxury Lincoln town car or shiny black limo may be just what you need. The professionals you speak with will be able to give their recommendations as long as they have all of the correct information they need!

Plan Ahead

In general, it’s a good idea to go ahead and book your private car service three to four weeks in advance. This will ensure the company has precisely what you need, and you aren’t scrambling at the last second! Some companies will allow scheduling 90 days in advance! Take advantage of this when there are large events happening in the community! During prom seasons, graduation months, and popular wedding times, Houston private car services are in high demand! Be the “cool kid” and plan by getting your car service booked ahead of schedule!

Read Reviews

With social media and online directories such as Yelp and YellowPages, doing your research on companies has never been easier. Check out social media pages like Facebook and Instagram to see if companies or customers post pictures of their experiences with the company. If you see images of people having a great time and getting the most out of their private car service, then you can rest assured you will be in good hands!

Always check out the online directories as well, such as Yelp, YellowPages, BBB, and Google My Business. You will be able to find plenty of honest reviews and get to see how the company interacts with its customers. Good customer service will lead you to a memorable experience.

Ask Questions

When you are looking around for a car service in Houston, TX, don’t be afraid to ask questions! Ask them how much experience they have with certain parties, whether will they make stops for you along the route, they are able to present the proper licenses and insurance policies. A legitimate private car service will be able to present all of the appropriate documentation on the spot, so if they decline or move around the bush, move on to the next one!

Also, feel free to ask what the expectations of the driver will be. Will they help with luggage? Open doors? Are you expected to tip? All of these questions will help ensure a seamless experience with proper etiquette and meeting expectations.

5 Important Things To Consider Asking Houston Car Services

Safety is key, and it is appropriate to ask questions regarding the safety measures taken when private car services hire drivers and chauffeurs. Remember, you are putting yourself or your loved ones well being in the hands of whoever is behind the wheel! So, don’t be afraid to ask questions!

1.   What are their regulations on driving records?

When hiring their drivers, what are the stipulations on driving records? You would generally want a driver or chauffeur with an almost flawless driving record. We say “almost” because sometimes accidents are unavoidable and not always the driver's fault. But, lots of speeding tickets or records of reckless driving should be an absolute “no '' when it comes to hiring a private car service.

2.   How well do they know the area?

Having a driver who is unfamiliar with the area and needs detailed directions may not be the best fit for your needs. If a traffic jam comes up and there are alternate routes to get to the destination, you would want someone who can think on the fly and get you where you need to be.

Being in the backseat of a car service that is knowledgeable and surefooted about where they are going can provide a sense of ease that you won’t get when you sense anxiety or stress from the driver's seat. Also, if you are from out of town and looking for a little bit of information about the area, it’s a huge perk to hear from the driver of your Houston car service about the must-see sights, local favorite dining experiences, and fun activities.

3.   Proper Dress And Grooming Standards

Let’s be honest, holding staff to a certain standard of dress and grooming should be kept in high importance if you are paying for a private car service, whether for airport transportation or a birthday party, and you want the driver to look the part. It’s ok to ask the company what their standards are for the drivers and what you should expect upon arrival.

4.   Safety Reputation

Reading reviews and doing your research on the Houston car service's reputation for safety will help put your mind at ease and allow you to relax on the entire ride when you are certain you are in capable hands.

5.   Background Checks

Asking about the company’s protocols for running background checks on their employees is a great idea. Making sure that the driver has a clean slate and is an upstanding citizen is essential! Especially if you are putting yourself, your kids, or your friends in the back seat!


We hope we have provided you with all of the information you need to find the perfect private car service in Houston, TX, for your needs and book your service as seamlessly as possible. If you are in need of a Houston car service soon, give Galveston Limo a call and talk to the friendliest staff about what they can offer you for your ultimate experience.

Personalized Event Transportation

Pay a fair rate for excellent, personalized service. Our private service is all about you and what you want. We have trained drivers and a variety of vehicles, including sedans and stretch limos, to serve you for any occasion, any sized group, and any budget. We are fully licensed and permitted in Houston and Galveston. Our chauffeurs can come into the Houston airports or the Port of Galveston to find and drop you off at the location of your choice.

Enjoy the flexibility to customize your routing details on a whim. This service can be tailored to your personal preferences. If you want to have a fun night on the town in our around Galveston, you can leave the driving to us. Our professional drivers will deliver you and your guests safely to your destination.

We take pride in our event transportation services. There are a lot of companies out there, many of which are not much more than a lemonade stand (this is not an exaggeration). We are subject to, and comply with, rigorous DOT and local regulatory oversight measures. In addition, we are now truly in a very open society with regard to online reviews, so customers can easily check to see the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Private Car Services for all Occasions

We specialize in private car service for all occasions, including:

  • Large Groups
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Game-Day Shuttles
  • Convention Shuttles
  • Airport Service
  • Houston Airport Transportation
  • Cruise Trips
  • Cruise Shuttles
  • Offshore Fishing Trips
  • Evening-Out Transportation
  • Game-Day Trips
  • Theater Trips
  • School Competitive Events & Field Trips
  • Church Camps & Excursions
  • Quinceañeras
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Reunions
  • Anniversaries

Contact us with any questions. We proudly serve customers in the Galveston, Texas, area, including Texas City, La Marque, Pasadena, and South Houston.