A Guide To Houston Airports

And Why A Houston Car Service Is A Great Idea


Traveling for business or pleasure can provide everyone with an added happiness boost. Traveling to new places exposes you to new people, places, and things. If you travel with a plan, then the process can relieve stress and anxiety. This guide to the Houston airport system and Houston car services is intended to help make your trip that much easier.


Navigating your way through an airport does not have to be hard! And neither does making your way from the airport to your final destination! However, with proper planning, a general idea of the layout, and an excellent Houston car service, your trip through and out of the airport can be a chance to experience the culture instead of stress. With this guide, you can choose which airport is best for your travel purposes, IAH or HOU, and how to navigate them properly! Houston is the only city in the Western Hemisphere to house two four-star Skytrax airports. Read through the key points of each airport and get excited about your trip!

Why Hiring A Houston Car Service For Airport Transports Is A Good Idea

There are several reasons why we recommend booking a Houston car service for after-flight transportation. We love how passengers feel so relieved as soon as they have their baggage and find their driver. They get help with their luggage, and you can just tell that they are ready to relax in the backseat as they get to their next destination without hassle. Here are a few other favorite reasons to hire a private car service.

  • Trustworthy
  • Reliable
  • Clean
  • Relaxing
  • Safe

George Bush International Airport

The world's largest airport, it's recognized as the best airport in the United States, but it's ranked 31st in the world for top airports. The entire world! IAH has been noted for its standards of excellence. And has access to Houston car service to get you from the airport to anywhere you want to be!

  • The cleanest airport in the country
  • Known for its excellent retail and dining experiences
  • Awesome airport staff
  • World’s best website and digital services

How Many Terminals Does IAH Have?

IAH has five terminals and serves over 180 cities worldwide. With 700 daily departures and over 43 million domestic passengers annually, it’s no wonder it’s ranked third in the United States among airports with scheduled non-stop domestic and international service.


Amenities At George Bush Intercontinental Airport

With its size comes lots of extras that you won’t find at smaller airports. Between massive parking lots, on-site sleeping accommodations, lounges, exquisite dining locations, and much more, your stop at IAH will feel more like a part of your vacation and less like a necessary hassle.

Airport Wayfinding Tool

Navigating the Houston airport system has always been challenging. The navigation tool is provided by www.fly2houston.com and is available from the source without downloading any apps. This navigation tool lets you view transit path directions with easy-to-follow text and graphics. You can also find estimated walking times to get to your next gate.

How To Get From Terminal To Terminal

Traveling between terminals at the George Bush International Airport mainly occurs on the above-ground Skyway system. The total Skyway travel time from the Terminal A station to the Terminal D/E stations is approximately 4 minutes and 15 seconds. If you prefer to walk, some walkways connect to the B-E terminals, but the Terminal A station can only be accessed via the Skyway.

A 45-minute layover should give you plenty of time to get from terminal to terminal when changing flights!

Dining And Lodging Accommodations At IAH

The abundant award-winning dining and retail options at IAH make layover times and before-flight waiting periods super enjoyable. You can start to forget that you are in an airport and feel like you are in a mega mall. Here are some of the most popular dining options per terminal.

  • Liquid Provisions in Terminal A
  • El Real and Bullritos in Terminal B
  • Pala or Ember in Terminal C
  • Hugo's Cocina and Tony's Wine Cellar & Bistro in Terminal D
  • Yume or Q in Terminal E.

If you have an early flight or an overnight layover, consider staying at the Houston Airport Marriott! It is located at the airport with easy access. This option allows you to sleep a little longer and not worry about shuttling over to the airport for an early flight.

Things To Know About Houston Airports

Considering IAH and HOU make up one of the largest airport systems in the country, there are quite a few things to know.


What’s Different About IAH and HOU

While both airports are located in Houston, there are some significant differences to consider when booking your flights.

1.    Locations

William P. Hobby Airport (HOU) is located 11 miles from downtown Houston. You can expect cheaper rates for taxis, driving apps, or Houston car services to get you to your downtown destination.

George Bush International Airport is located about 20 miles from downtown. This is a bit farther a drive, and you can expect longer drive times with higher rates. You can schedule your private car service to get an accurate quote!


2.    Domestic vs. International

HOU is considered more of a city airport that primarily hosts domestic flights. If you are flying into Houston for a visit from another U.S. city, this would be your premier choice. A Houston car service can get you anywhere in or out of town in style.

IAH offers domestic and international flights traveling all over the world. If you want to travel overseas, this would be an excellent choice to fly out with top-notch service.

3.    Size

Compared to IAH, HOU is considered a small airport operating with only one terminal. On the other hand, IAH has five terminals and sits on 11,000 acres.

4.    Departing Flights

While HOU is a primary hub for Southwest, it only sees about four departing flights per day, while IAH has around 700 daily departures per day. That’s quite the difference!

Ground Transportation Options

If you are wondering how you will get to your final destination after your flight lands, you don’t have to worry! There are multiple options you can choose from regarding ground transportation.

1. Rental Car Agencies are available at each location. These businesses have offices at HOU and IAH, and you can find a few more options at IAH.

  • Alamo
  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Dollar
  • Enterprise
  • Hertz
  • National
  • Thrifty


2. Driving Apps are available across the board, although you can expect varying rates at each location due to the distance from downtown. These driving apps serve both areas.

  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Get Me
  • Wingz
  • Greenlight

3.  Taxis are a prominent fixture at these airports and can range in fares from $29-$100, depending on where you are going!

4.  Private car services in Houston, TX, are also an option. Galveston Limo, for example, offers excellent service, luxury transportation options, and ideal rates to get you where you need to go!

What To Expect At Houston Airports

Whether you are a frequent flier or new to traveling by air, a few things come standard in planning your trip to the airport. Remember, arriving two hours before your flight is recommended!

1. Checking in for your flight. Depending on the time of day, you can expect to find lines starting at this first step.  There are typically three ways you can check in for your flight. You can:

  1. Check-in online using Check n Fly on fly2houston.com
  2. Check-in via a kiosk in the check-in area
  3. Check-in at the check-in counter located in the facility

It’s important to remember to have the reference number you were given when booking your flight at the time of check-in. If you utilize the kiosks or the online options, you are still more than welcome to ask any staff for assistance with your check-in process.

If you are traveling with luggage that needs to be checked, you must head to the check-in stage and hand your luggage over there. Your luggage will be tagged and readied for your flight at that point! If you have questions about weight limits or what is allowed in your bag, review the information on fly2houston.com. Also, check with your Houston car service provider to see if they have any weight restrictions.

2. One of the most dreaded checkpoints is often trekking through the airport.
So often associated with long travel times and grumpy passengers. But where would we be without it?

At both HOU and IAH, plenty of marked signs make navigating your way through the airports easy. If you ever need clarification or are concerned that you are heading into the wrong terminal, plenty of friendly staff will be happy to direct you.

  • You must read the signage listing the rules regarding dangerous goods at airports. This will keep the line moving quickly and save you the embarrassment of being the reason the line is held up in the first place.
  • Remember that you can find plenty of food and drink options throughout the terminals once you exit security. It is best to wait to quench your thirst or hunger until you have passed through this point. The officers and fellow passengers will appreciate you.
  • Don’t be alarmed if officers ask to inspect any strange or unusual items in your luggage. Remember that their sole purpose is to keep you and everyone else safe. If they found something suspicious in someone else's bag, you would want it checked out too.
  • Anybody traveling with laptops, cellphones, or other favorite tech items must remove them from carry-on bags and send them through the x-ray separately. This may help you determine what you deem necessary to keep with you on the flight and what to send through checked luggage.


3. Finding your boarding gate. At this point, you are almost there! Check your boarding pass to see which gate your departed flight will leave from. Unless you are positive that you have plenty of time before your plane leaves, it is often best to find your gate first and check the screens to ensure the flight is still on schedule. It’s not uncommon for flights to change or for passengers to misjudge how much time they have to loiter in the food sections before their flight leaves. Most boarding times close 15 minutes before departure. And unfortunately, it is scarce for anyone to board late.

If you are in a situation where your flight is delayed or canceled, be sure to call your Houston car service ahead and explain the situation. Then, they should be able to make arrangements for you.

If you are in the middle of a layover or arrive super early for your flight, the HOU and IAH airports have some of the best airport dining and retail options in the country. While waiting for your flight, you can peruse restaurants, cafes, beer gardens, souvenir shops, or currency exchange booths.

You may also find that your phone is losing charge. You can find charging stations located throughout the terminals to give any of your tech items a boost to last you through the flight.

4. Boarding the plane.
You found your gate with a cinnamon bun and iced latte in hand. You can expect the staff to call your group numbers and board the aircraft from there!

Can I leave the airport during a layover?

Yes! You are welcome to tour any of the surrounding Houston attractions during a long layover. Of course, you will want to stay close if you have just a couple of hours. But there are plenty of award-winning dining options right outside the airport. You should remember to arrive in plenty of time to make your connecting flight. Hiring a private car service ahead of time for your layover ventures would be a great way to explore the city and keep to your schedule!

How far in advance should I arrive before my flight?

The standard rule of thumb is to arrive at least 2 hours before any flight at HOU or IAH.

What makes George Bush International Airport Unique

Aside from its size and being ranked one of the top airports in the world, IAH houses one of the largest collections of public art in Texas. The airport partnered with the city of Houston’s Civic Art Program to collect commissioned and donated works of art. You can find the art displayed throughout all five terminals as a way to provide a sense of place and cultural identity. The art includes everything from photographs to sculptures.


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