How Early Should You Get to the Airport?

Bush Airport TransportationA general rule of thumb for airport arrival is about 2 hours before your flight leaves. This is what the airlines say. They want you there in plenty of time to move through luggage check-in and security. Doing this will ensure you’re waiting and ready to board when your flight is called. However, newspapers and magazines are a bit more generous with time, saying 90 minutes is more than adequate.

Some of it also depends on the airport. The busiest airports, such as Hartfield-Jackson in Atlanta, O’Hare International in Chicago, and Los Angeles International, may need more time. Smaller terminals may require as little as 60 minutes. If you are taking an international flight, you should make sure you arrive at least 3 hours early.

Get to the Airport Quicker with Limo Service

One smart way to cut down on travel time for Bush airport transportation is to schedule limo pickup. Limo services are excellent about arriving at your home promptly so that you can reach the airport well ahead of time. You have the ease and convenience of not having to worry about driving, traffic, or parking. Your limo driver does all of this for you. Relax and enjoy the ride.